Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer tiiiime...the weather is easy

Hi guys haven't been able to write in the blog for awhile, but I wanted to share this crazy situation I had at the end of last semester. I was having a great end of the semester; I had won the best dialog test at the Academy of Art Spring Show (yes!). I had also just found out that I had landed an amazing internship with Electronic Arts aka. EA Games (in the recently baptized “Visceral Games” team, working in the upcoming “Dante’s Inferno”). So, although I had applied to other summer internships I went ahead and signed with EA, not knowing whether others would say yes. About a month later I found out that I was one of only 2 picked for an internship at Disney. I was so excited because working for Disney has always been my dream, but I had already signed a contract with EA and I had to honor that. I have to say that saying No to Disney was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, because I've been working for exactly that opportunity forever. I started at EA six weeks ago and it's actually been 10x better than what I had imagined! It doesn’t feel like an internship at all, since I am actually doing production stuff. I'm working on some sick (and very “different” from what I have done before) pieces for the game and have met some great and very talented animators. Not to mention EA's studio is like a theme park and the entire work environment is so chill and fun all the time. It's been great!