Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transformadores 3- trailer out!

7/1/11 it's the date when Transformers 3 comes out, and i am very excited to see my name on the big screen. Its first full trailer just came out a couple of weeks ago, with a great surprise. Out of all the amazingly insanely cool shots in the movie, One of my shots is on the trailer! (small part of it that is, but hey ! i am loving it!).
Also, before the trailer came out, Apple released a fourth exclusive image from the film, my shot! (nerding out 4 shooo), and the thumbnail you click on to watch the trailer issssssss MY SHOT! (couldn't be more excited to see my work everywhere! )

Transformers 3 is looking BADASS and i cant wait to see my fellow animators work on the big screen wall put together.


I am currently working on another sweeeeeet project, i will post soon.