Monday, February 7, 2011

Yo soy tu amiiiiiiiigo fiel... the Pixarian xperience

You could smell the Brain juice in this room, last day :(
Last nite... :(

While I was at EA I got a call from Pixar offering me the chance to spend the summer training with them on their internship program! It was amazing news, but i had to make the hard decision to leave EA in the middle of production. This industry is very small and i didn't want to be that guy, plus i was having a great time at EA. It was a hard decision to make but i already said no to the Disney apprenticeship the year before because i was interning at EA helping out in Dante's Inferno already. I have always wanted to work and learn feature film animation, and Pixar is definitely a great place to do so :) .The summer was pretty surreal, so many people that I've i always admired all around me, everyday. I was a complete animation leech for the whole summer just suckiiiinggggg all that knowledge out of the brains of this masters in their craft, wow. I kept telling myself that i had time to sleep when i die, so cereal (yes from the 24 hour cereal bar, the 24 hour part came in handy) and love for the art form kept me going. The place itself is perfect to get anyone's creative jugos going, inspirational. My fellow interns were soooo talented (what am I doing there?! haha) so it was so interesting and challenging to see everyone come from such different animation backgrounds and styles all trying to learn the software, get the personalities and animation style of Woody, buzz and the rest of the Toy story characters. From Having lee Unkrich critique my shot with characters he knew so well...!(congrats on all the Oscars nominations btw) to Ed Catmull giving one of his supertalks to a small group of us, wow unforgettable summer.
P.S. i animated Woody
P.S.2 i animated Buzz
P.S. 3 i animated Luxo jr.
P.S. 4 and a couple of other ones :)
P.s.5 animation is love

I will be posting the work i did during the summer soon