Friday, March 25, 2011

Magia & Luz Industrial

When the summer was over, i was what a lot of us in the animation world called BURNT out. I had my monitor tan, lost few pounds, and i saw splines everywhere (not really but kind of). SO i decided to do the right thing and go to Burning Man. A whole week of no computers, no phones, none of that. i did bring my sketchbook :) .Welcome home!

Driving back to reality, i turned my phone on, and i had some ILM emails, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i went in for an interview and i have been at Industrial Light & Magic for 5 months already. ILM is amazing, i breath legacy every time i step in this place. My entire childhood is all around these hallways, inspiration is everywhere, VFX legends walk around me all the time, yep im nerding out, and who wouldn't!
I was fortunate enough to be at the studio when their first all animated feature film was released, and man, Gore Verbinski did an amazing job with Rango. The animators here are beyond talented, and their passion feed everyone's Creative drive at full speed, its great, Working along these people is definitely an honor.
I also had the chance to watch Leslie Iwerks (the Pixar Story) new documentary about ILM, creating the impossible, literally right next to its protagonist, Georgie Lucas himself, pretty sweeeeet.
But eto (fam and friends call me eto) what in the hell u working on over at ILM? im working on Transformers 3! and im loving every second of it, giant robots kicking each others asses? animator's heaven! Michale Bay is doing a great job for this third installment, its looking sweeeeeeet. This is my first time working with live action plates, its so cool to see your animation interacting, living and breathing with real life footage. needless to say,Phyics and mechanics have to be spot on, otherwise is just easy for audicences to feel that something is not quite right, but i love the challenge. I also had the chance to animate some hard surfaces in this project which is something that i have never done before. The team is great, so much talent, and every single one of them is more than willing to help you. I cant talk much about the project till is realeased, but lets say its a bit more serious take on transformers, Michael Bays ass kicking shots are everywhere, and S#$T is going down!