Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spacio Muerto 2

OK i graduated, went to sunny Venezuela to rest a bit, got some cosmic rays, some vitamin D, happiness, the whole she bang. Came back, and guess what? i got a great offer to go back to Electronic Arts :) ( i did my internship there the year before and worked on Dante's Inferno). I went back to EA's Visceral' team to work on Dead space 2 which came out yesterday(Jan 25) its getting amazing reviews! I got my first taste in Mocap this time(interesting... mocap is getting scary accurate) and of course some hand key horror awesomeness Dead Space styleee. It was great to see people again and as well as meeting some new amazing artists. The Dead space team really loved the project, and it shows, its always great to see everyone really pumped about a project. Oh man, EA is so cool(once again) great facilities, arcades everywhere, Futbol field(yes futbol), gym, great food, video club, people, etc etc. BTW i just saw the new Dead Space 2 action figure (its always pretty cool to see a character you animated in toy form).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ukulele Trio

i submitted couple of pieces in the AAU spring show 2010, i got "best animation dialogue" with my "Ukulele Trio" piece, i got the same award with "Rudeboy" the year before! yes :) very cool recognition.

si va... aca stoy/im back

Hola hola, it's been a while since i last posted, so many great things have happened since then. So I'll pick up where I left off in my last post. I Graduated!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i got my Masters in character animation at the AAU, i almost thought i wasn't going be able to make it , since i was in the last month of my last semester and i had 50% (or more) animation to do for my thesis project. I Put my thesis project on hold to be able to focus on my demo reel, i was using Norman which allowed me to do what i really wanted to do in my shots( since i pretty much did the rigs for my short film, they sucked, therefore it was really hard to get what i wanted, (i know i know lame excuse). Anyways, it was my last semester and i was meeting with Guilherme Jacinto(super talented Brazilian Pixarian animator) once a week at Pixar for feedback. i mentioned to him that i was thinking about pushing my graduation day to one or two more semesters since it seemed impossible to get almost half of my short animated in a lil over a month (keep in my mind editing, rendering,post production as well). Guilherme convinced me i could get it done, so, with tons of sleep deprivation and a lot less social life outside Maya, what d u know, i got that #$%&* done ! :) I also had to put "on hold" in what would have been my last piece of animation with Norman as a student (i was very excited about it). I will post "shallow" (Short Film) later. Im thinking about submitting it in couple of Festivals, i might as well after all the hours i put on it :)