Monday, August 1, 2011

Third Guerra Mundial! aprieten ese cu...!

WORLD WAR III ohhhh sh$ttttttttt!
awww man... I knew Activision's logo ever since i can remember..come on, this atari was at my parents room, with lots of these games, now... im part of it.. wow

The amazing good news is the new project im working on. I am along the super talented team of Activision/Sledgehammer making the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Mother F$%^ing Bad ASS! :)
This is the first time i have realized how crazy cinematic games are (i mean its just another level!), the line between games and movies keeps on getting thinner, specially in games like this one.
This game is aiming to a bigger, faster and crazier experience and i am definitely trying to help get to it. I grew up loving video games, and i have always found myself saying stuff like "this animation could be soo much better here.. the composition could be better there, that could make the game so much better etc", now i feel i can finally do a lil something about it! With a team that feels just like i do! (who are much more talented than i am to make it happen!) yeeiii!!

I'm having a blast doing this big crazy cinematic moments and having a lot of creative freedom along with working with the animation director. I forgot all the technical difficulties that go along with working on a game, but its all worth it. Besides, it forces you to learn technical tricks and discover very useful scripts along the way. We have to make it look awesome, still we cant forget its a game, therefore sometimes you have to compromise a little bit. This is no excuse for this specific project , GOOD ENOUGH ISN'T! (trowing a lil Activision motto righ thur...)
I am also refining my physicality skills working in this ultra actioncrazypack (i have always wanted to use that term) realistic animation game, a lot of the times we start with mocap data, just as a start. We usually have to do heavy fixing, modifying, sawing together (Frankenstein, a sequence together since there is no "cuts" most of the time) or in many other cases, hand key the whole motion. I have never really played too much with a very dynamic camera myself, but with this project i have done some crazy cinematic moments. This has definitely forced me to start thinking in different ways, and to learn a couple of tricks of the trade, camera is a huge part in any cinematic sequence(or in any sequence really...).

I am very excited to be part of probably THE biggest gaming release EVER, and "business $" wise, THE biggest launch in entertaining (wow, loco). We are very busy right now hitting some deadlines and making the game sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, till the next post.

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Adhis said...

Good job! I am very proud of you. And you are a great example of keeping focused on a dream!