Monday, September 12, 2011


E3 VIP pass:

Nintendo's WII U :

Disney's Animation Studio visit:

Break-time at the Studio(below)

Que fue!!! Ok, last month i made a couple of my biggest childhood dreams come true (nooo kidding). I grew up loving video games and its art. I would read a lot of magazines (i would read them over and over again, expensive imported magazines), i loved staring at the illustrations and screen shots. A lot of these magazines were foreign so most of them were in English; i had no choice but to force myself to learn English and try to understand what the hell was going on. Most of these magazines got to Venezuela monthssss later....3, 4 months later or sometimes even almost a year later). I would especially get excited when the E3 issues would come out, and again, i would stare at the pictures of the event for sooo long (yea I AM a weirdo), dreaming that one day i would go myself, and i would make games, myself. Well, not only SledgehammerActivision sent me to checkout E3, i was sent representing one of the biggest games in the E3 floor. Wow, a surreal dream come to life big time! I got to check out the latest for Nintendo's, Microsoft's, Sony's consoles, along with the famous and very popular booth women( don't like the sound of booth babes), plus for someeeeeee reason a i got a VIP pass(SHHHHH). Great experience thanks to Activision/Sledgehammer. OH, yea! I also finallyyyyyy visited some friends at Burbank for lunch, studio tour, peeking, etc, sweet place, so much history, most of the animation i grew up with and inspired me to become an animator came from those halls, awww Walt Disney Animation Studios Hat building, inspiring.

booth babes. yum.

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