Sunday, May 11, 2014

Walter Elias

The Walt Disney Animation Studio

Walter Elias Disney, el gran pana me inspiro desde que tengo uso de razon. Since my Betamax Winnie Pooh tape, and the rest of the films that I kept collecting  (both original and copiadas, sometimes that was the only way to watch any of these gems..), I had almost every :) single feature and short...

Although there is not a single "best part" of being a part of this place, I love how open the doors are among & throughout the whole movie pipeline. Even when I was a trainee until today, I can go, dig, comment, share, get feedback, opinions, laugh, dance with/ from/ to anyone in the studio. It feels like a supermegaamazingsweetsparkedtalented artists community extravaganza in one roof sharing the same passion. It's contagious and very moving :).
The way "new blood" animation talent merges with the traditional animation craft masters all feeling THE HERITAGE through paper and technology is just.. the future. Great times to be around this place....very..very fortunate.. moves you. Sabor

 John Musker's  yo
Unos Garabatos de Mark H ;)
 Grande Glen Keane   

 Michael HeRRera' John Musker

AREPAS de mi abuela(mimi)

Lima, Peru

Cuyagua, Venezuela

 Inka trail, Peru

 FRozen Sups (some)

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