Wednesday, May 7, 2014

E'chando cuentos ...

Mi first notebook/cuaderno/ Draw draw Draw Dibuja 

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! TellTale was 2 years ago, already, super good busy these days (busy is good).. feeling fortunate but always aware.. studios closing here, projects canned there, artists been thrown around por alla. I did another cross country through USA, on the northern side this time. Muy buenos tiempos all the way back to CA :). I decided to be/stay back enjoying and exploring dulce San Francisco mio... mucha cultura y diversidad. During the couple of months I was back I helped out with a very cool project, muy cool - Three years ago while I was waiting for some paper work at a library, I picked up a random graphic novel  (I rarely read comic books; although some of my favorite stories and art come from comics noooveelas graficas.. soo) -  Well I ended up reading a couple of volumes of this one.. very original ideas with zombies. The art, the perspective, the characters, and the familiar situations, very niiiice. Anyway, fast forward 3 years later.. and that was the project I helped out in 2012. The Walking Dead... jajajajaa poco e' zombies.. These group of artists getting together and doing cool sweetly executed almost indie topic oriented games with some leadership from Lucas Arts (Monkey Island, full throttle animation awesomeness). (I was a little kid playing these animation heavy inspired interactive video games for PC, I was very young..blurred memories...good times.. :)  ..TELLTALE GAMES :) ... The Walking Dead... Art direction, comic book sketchy loose inkish lines.. I say yes...

The game has won over 90 "Game of the Year" awards, including awards from USA Today, GamesRadar, E! Online, and the Spike Video Game Awards (over 8.5 million individual episodes sold by the end of 2012).

    Feliz como una lombriz, tranquilo of course. I went back home to Venezuela for some good good sun and culture. Mi familia, mi caribe.. before starting this new journey via Los Angeles CA.. Disney... since I was a very young kid I was waiting for this..
Lucas Art's Full Throttle

Lucas Arts' Monkey island 2

 Fort Point, San Francisco 

 CHOroni, Venezuela

Image's Comics The Walking Dead
 Some animation i did for the game :)

Vegan BirthDay Banquete

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