Sunday, December 4, 2011

EL MAS GRANDE entertainment launch of all time!

Time Square

COD XP carpet

COD coolio Box

Transformers: Dark of The Moon Blue Ray

Teotihuacan Temple of the Sun

Teotihuacan, charging buenas vibes

Que es lo que paso panita! Super exciting times!!!!!! I can officially say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a BAD ASS shooter insanity total success! CONGRATS TO THE TEAM! Go and get it, PIM PUM PAM KABBBOOM WHAM! crazy stuff. WHAZ KAPOW! (yea that crazy).

"MW3 made more money than Avatar or Titanic did in five days..."

“We believe the launch of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′ is the biggest entertainment launch of all time in any medium, and we achieved this record with sales from only two territories,” claimed Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision

A couple of things have happened since i last wrote, Activision sent us on private plane (sweeet) to LA for COD:XP which is basically an exposition/party for the fans (and hot LA girls that wanted to see Kanye west, yep Kanye closed the party, not the biggest fan, but hey, good times). I got VIP all access to the event, so I guess I was kind of sort of maybe somehow quasi important people? :) haha. Tons of drinks, food, celebs and A LOT of call of duty, Jeep rides, paintball, zip lines, and a million dollar call of duty tournament (a million dollars, wow/whaaa). I have been playing the multiplayer at the studio and it's very very cool (i suck).
I also did a couple of quick animation tests for Pixelux entertainment to try out their new softbody software with my animations. As soon as they are done with their testing and everything is clear i shall post them here, very cool software they have. It has been used in Xmen: First Class, Sucker Punch , as well as many other cool movies (come on Zack Snyder, redeem yourself with the New Superman, I love Snyder's style! Sucker Punch's visual style was sweeeet, visuals only.

Shallow (my back at school thesis short film) keeps making it to official selections on different Festivals (no Sundances or Academy Awards, but still que bien). I have been very busy with no time to keep submitting :(

Also, Transformers: Dark of The moon Blue Ray is out!

You probably dont give a S%$t about this but, I went to Mexico for 10 days, went to Acapulco, gorgeous beach, went to the temples ("pyramids" of the ancient Teotihuacans, Mexicas and Aztecas) it blew my mind how ancient men were as a civilization, Mesoamerica, wow! FASCINATING, bought like 6 books about it! hahaha yep weirdo.
I finished up at Activision/Sledgehammer with this project (another awesome team that i am going to miss), now i am beginning a new one.

The vet and Noob

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