Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cielo Azul!!!!

Super Venezuelan Empanadas(below)
Ok! Como esta el merequetengue! So i finally got a whole month off :) :) :) TRIED TO STAY AWAY FROM COMPUTERS, I relaxed in sf for bit, then I went to Venezuela (beach, ocean, sun) and spent my first bday over there in 11 years, ALL ABOUT FAMILY, recharged.

I came back, ROADTRIP again from California to New York to my new adventure ...... BLUE SKY ANIMATION STUDIOS! heeeeellllllllll yeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha.
As soon as you walk in the studio you can feel the team's energy. No egos, no bad vibes, just love for the craft as well as the talent to make SUPERB animation. It definitely feels super chill, no matter how good people are here, they
all are still super down to earth, approachable and eager to give you a hand. I am loving it. The style, the humor, the way Blue Sky approaches animation is unique; a very refreshing flavor of animation (i know i know, i just got here, shut up Jorge, u know nothing). Traditional animation is a HUGE inspiration and a start point for most artists here, it clearly shows. We have many animation meetings, guest speakers, and resources to keep learning (yep, animation leech attacks again). I also keep on meeting people that i looked up to for a long time, very nice.

Im superrrrrrr excited for none other than ICE AGE CONTINENTAL DRIFT which looks muy very nice. The new characters are literally KICKASS MOFOS with tons of appeal (dont think i can say more, but i am animating a lil bit of the whole crew right now, and maaaaannn they are cool characters).

The trailer is out (a sort of Scrat short film/trailer) take a look at the new characters and see what I am talking about. The short/trailer is pure animation gold, they pushed Scrat's rig in ways i have never felt in cg. Enough said.

apple trailer:
youtube link:

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